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WOW Factor Fishing crankbaits cast longer, that lasts longer, and catches more fish? If so, the Wow Factor Mark Shepard 2.0 Crank Bait is your answer! Our revolutionary synthetic balsa is first of its kind making this square bill crankbait stand out from the crowd. If you are angler that wants to do the same, your tackle box can’t go without one of these. Tie it on, cast it out, and let the overwhelming presence and body stimulate the biggest bass of your life!

The Wow Factor Crankbait has replaced the typical balsa wood used in many crankbaits with a synthetic balsa that can last much longer. This square bill crankbait is ideal for targeting bass around shallow water cover including rocks, timber, brush piles, grass beds, and even docks. Cast that lure against a wall and it will not crack or break. Many years of innovations and testing has allowed the expert and Captain Mark Shepard to dial in on all your bass fishing needs.[Read More]