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Website Payments

Website payments for any Outfitter, Fishing Guide, or Fishing Charter can accept credit cards payments today and all should!

Website Payments

Credit Card Website Payments

Outdoor Web Designs (OWD) has created many custom payment forms that can be specifically designed for your business and budget. Fishing trips that integrate with PayPal are pretty standard credit card payment services. Outdoor Web Designs host many other and high-tech options to provide a better service for your customers, which all can be embedded on ANY existing website our Android or Apple phone! It is customized to use your service offerings, prices, and deposit requirements. It allows the user to enter their trip details, and automatically calculates the final total in a clear and understandable way.

Don’t have PayPal? – No Problem!

If you don’t have PayPal, our “Setup Service” includes helping you get a new PayPal account set up and ready to accept payments

OWD will customize your payment form, help install it on your website and walk you through setting up your PayPal account without anything paid upfront.

Fishing Trip Specific Features – Easy To Use

Only the OWD payment form has these custom features built-in :

Trip Package “products” with these unique attributes :
Passengers Included – The number of anglers you include in the Base Price.
Max Passengers – The maximum number of passengers allowed per trip.
Additional Passenger Cost – Optional. If you don’t include all the passengers in the Base Price, you can charge additional fees per passenger.
Deposit – Optional. Fixed or % based on calculated trip package.
Automatic Cost Calculation with Custom Amount Option.
Optional “Tax” and “Processing Fee” feature that charges the customer fees you would otherwise have to pay.