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Website Hosting

WordPress Website Hosting

WordPress Website Hosting

Website hosting, something every single website on the internet lives on a computer somewhere. It has a physical address that holds all the text and images related to it. Usually these computers are referred to as Servers, because when you hop on the internet and visit a website, the computer where it lives serves it to you via the internet. These servers are also called “Hosts” because they’re making sure the websites they house and serve, have everything they need to work properly and show up on your computer at home when you ask them to.

Website Hosting fees are kind of like rental of a car. The cheapest price rents the cheapest car, and this maybe just fine if you just want to just get from point “A” to point “B”. With your website it can vary greatly depending on the type of features your website has and the host is providing. You can get all kind of options as in shared, single IP, space, privacy, and most importantly security.

Website hosting rackspace powers some of the biggest brands in the world, and we use it here at OWD to power your business. You can rest assured your website will be secure, stable, and up and running everyday and night. With our own dedicated servers you can also be assured that you’re website will never share hosting with x-rated or other undesireable websites.

That’s right, our hosting is flexible and can easily grow as you do. We offer unlimited pages and unlimited photo galleries* without hiking the price.