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JDC is one of the fastest growing bass bait companies in America and everyone is using them, from the weekend anglers to tournament fisherman on the FLW and BASS tournament trails. Anglers like Kurt Dove, Al Gagliardi, Diana Clark, Mark Shepard and Tom Dolin all use our soft plastic baits. The Bass Bone, another JDC exclusive; has become the “goto” lure for many of these pros. The versatility, the ability to catch a limit as well as a wall hanger has all of the Pros using it.

If you are a lizard fisherman, you will certainly want to try the JDC’s lizard. Good for Carolina rigging in deep water or fishing Texas style with your favorite size weight. One of the favorite ways to rig the lizard is with a 1/16 weight and swim it across the surface. The big tail pushes water like a buzz bait and if can be retrieved slow of fast. This approach can lead to some of the best top water strikes you may ever experience.

Our stand up jig heads are curved and shaped like no other jig head in the industry. Used in conjunction with our RocKrawand strike grub, it makes our baits irresistible to all Bass.

So if anglers whose livelihood depend on catching fish, use JDC baits. Then that means one thing for sure, our baits catch fish not just fisherman!!