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A complete new redesign for Bass Assassin Lures, cutting edge technologies, starting with its responsive design that allows for a flawless point of purchase from your mobile phone. The website adjust to what size screen it is being view on, Home, Work, Tablet or Mobile device a complete website is available and customized. Hope you enjoy and here’s a little more about this company.

Bass Assassin Lures offer anglers some of the most prolific style of baits, ranging from worms, swimbaits, switch and so on. Bass Assassin industry known as one of the top brands when you want t catch fish…and not just bass. Bass Assassin has a complete line of lures for Freshwater, Saltwater and Walleye. There award winning B.A.N.G. formula is a favorite for many anglers, available in several sense and favors for your top specie.

Bass Assassin Lures are used by top industry pro’s and professional fishing guides everywhere. These are the years of fishing experience with get with every bag you buy. The memories will last long after you’re done fishing!